Payroll Services Australia

Payroll is the sum of all compensation given to its entire employee by any organization or firm. Payroll comprises of following records:

  • Employee’s salaries, daily wages, bonuses, withheld tax
  • And the company’s unit that enumerates and pays these.

Payroll outsourcing:

Payroll outsourcing in finance is the process in which payroll management of an organization is provided by a third party who is exquisitely professional in managing payrolls. Managing payroll of an organization is a tough job which is not only time consuming but also hiring payroll outsourcing provider could be quite expensive.

 Payroll Services Australia or Symarco Payroll Services (SPS):

A payroll service Australia or Symarco payroll services is a leading Australian company which started its work in 1970 of payroll services. They provide best payroll services which are systematic, logical, economical and strictly intimate. They not only provide payroll outsourcing but also customize its services to cover a variety of firms according to the firm’s needs. They not only provide their payroll services to Australian companies but also companies worldwide. With 20 years of experience, they can process up to 1000 pays in one pay run. They process 10,000 pay-slips per week.

Services provided by Payroll services Australia:

SPS provide a number of payroll services, which include:

  • Payroll calculation
  • Calculating tax obligation of each employee
  • Printing and delivering checks
  • Providing management reports
  • Automatic checks signature
  • Envelop stuffing
  • Direct deposit of checks
  • Payment of salaries and other benefits
  • Calculation and payment of superannuation
  • The increment of all types of leave and recording of leave taken

How Payroll services, Australia work:

Payroll services, Australia operates in different modes, keeping in mind the compliance of its client. They can process payrolls using their client’s software as well. They work by either Standard method or online method. Click here.

Standard method:

Standard payroll method consists of following steps:

  • Fax your timesheet or hours at the end of each week/ month.
  • Symarco payroll services organize and manage these payrolls.
  • The processed payrolls are emailed it to the proprietor.
  • Pay slips are approved by the proprietor.
  • Payment is then made by proprietor or by SPS (Shared Participation Scheme).

Online method:

For online method, the client needs to contact SPS via their website and it consist of following steps:

  • Time sheets or spreadsheets are emailed to Symarco payroll services via.
  • These time sheets are processed by Symarco payroll services experts.
  • The processed emails are emailed to the proprietor.
  • Pay slips are approved by the proprietor. Pay slips are present online.
  • Payment is then made by the proprietor or by SPS (Shared Participation Scheme).


SPS offer it service with following price rates which are available on its website :

Standard services:

  • $5.95 per person per pay run
  • minimum fee $30 per pay run,
  • Superannuation payments $20/month.

Online employee self-service:

  • $6.00 per person per pay run
  • minimum fee per pay run $80
  • superannuation payments $20 per month

Contact them:

Entrepreneur can contact SPS by:

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